Marie-Hélène Chabut, Ph.D., Professor, French and Chairperson, MLL 

Constance A. Cook, Ph.D., Associate Professor, MLL (Chinese)

Gail A. Cooper, Ph.D., Associate Professor, History

Kate Crassons, Ph.D., Associate Professor, English

Nadini Deo, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Political Science

Brooke DeSipio, M.Ed., Assistant Director, Women's Center

Robin S. Dillon, Ph.D., Professor, Philosophy

Elizabeth A. Dolan, Ph.D., Associate Professor, English

Suzanne Edwards, Ph. D., Assistant Professor, English

Vera Fennell, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Political Science

Mary Foltz, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, English

Lucy C. Gans, M.F.A., Professor and Chairperson, Art, Architecture & Design

Karen M. Hicks, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Women's Studies and Sociology (kmh3@lehigh.edu)

Erica Hoelscher, M.F.A., Associate Professor, Theatre

Diane Hyland, Ph.D., Professor, Psychology and Associate Dean for Faculty and Staff, College of Arts and Sciences

Rita Jones, Ph.D., Director, Women's Center

Dawn Keetley, Ph.D., Associate Professor, English

Peggy Kong, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Comparative and International Education

Michael David Kramp, Ph.D., Associate Professor English

Jackie Krasas, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology and Director, Women's Studies

Judith N. Lasker, Ph.D., Professor and Chairperson, Sociology & Anthropology

Jenna Lay, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, English

Michelle LeMaster, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, History

Monica Najar, Ph.D., Associate Professor, History and Co-Director, Lawrence Henry Gipson Institute for 18th-Century Studies

Holona Ochs, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Political Science

Laura K. Olson, Ph.D., Professor and Chairperson, Political Science

John Pettegrew, Ph.D., Associate Professor, History

(Miren) Edurne Portela, Ph.D., Associate Professor MLL Department (Spanish) and Director, Humanities Center

Ruth K. Setton, , Ph.D., Professor of Practice, English

Iveta Silova, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Program Director, Comparative and International Education

Nadine Sine, Ph.D., Professor and Chairperson, Music

Jean R. Soderlund, Ph.D., Professor, History

Vera S. Stegmann, Associate Professor, MLL (German)

Nicola B. Tannenbaum, Ph.D., Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Lenore E. Chava Weissler, Ph.D., Philip & Muriel Berman Professor of Jewish Civilization

Yuping Zhang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology