Love Your Body Campaign

Cristiana Villani

Cristiana Villani is a Junior double majoring in WGSS and Africana Studies, spearheading
the Center for Gender Equity’s (CGE) “Love Your Body” campaign. Villani also serves as a
CGE sorority liaison, is Gamma Phi's Loyalty Chairwoman and representative for the
Panhellenic Judicial Board. She is the founding VP of the organization Linking Handlebars as
well as Lehigh’s AAUW. Villani is an active member of Greek Allies as the Director of Public
Relations, and intern for NY-based organizations Ready To Empower and Impact100
Westchester, which has granted her membership for her work. Villani currently works with NY
State Senator George Latimer and with his support has proposed a bill for regulations in the
modeling industry in an effort to reduce mental/physical health issues. She is passionate about
social change and eager to apply her textbook knowledge to real world problems.

The “Love Your Body” campaign aims to impact students and staff of all genders,
races, ages, abilities, mindsets, organizations, etc. in order to broaden a body positive effect and
mentality. Discussions with numerous groups will be used to inform and shape the campaign and
specific events as well as cultivate new ideas. The main celebration dates for this project take
place in the month of October beginning with a front lawn party on the 24th and a debrief session
on the 25th (debrief discussion). There will be t-shirts, stickers, pins, music, candy, & a bunch of
mini activities, along with a white board photo campaign. The goal is to create a collaborative
and supportive campus in which students assist one another with managing their lives and
maintaining a healthy balance based on personal experience.